AD1865 R-2R DAC Pi Hat
AD1865 R2R NOS DAC for raspberry Pi

AD1865 R-2R DAC Pi Hat

DIY NOS R2R DAC for Raspberry Pi


This hand made AD1865 DAC hat is running at NOS mode ( Non Over Sampling ) , using AD1865 R-2R chip and fine tuned to lowest distortion with MSB trim . It can supports Raspberry Pi Zero , Pi 1 ( later version with 40 GPIO pin ) Pi2, P3, and Pi4, and support up to 24 bit ( native 18 bit ) 384Khz of sampling rate.

Software volume is not recommended as NOS DAC will lost their bit depth / resolution if using software volume.

More than 80 units had been sold and I still have small amount left.

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