CS8416 SPDIF to I2S converter
CS8416 SPDIF receiver board

CS8416 SPDIF to I2S converter

I need a SPDIF to right justified format converter so that I can use it in my R2R DAC. Since I’m quite familiar with CS8416 in my previous projects, I decided to keep using CS8416 until my old stock depleted.

CS8416 SPDIF receiver schematic

I route PCB using KiCad, and order a batch of PCB . I have 2 versions of PCB now, which is either SOIC package , or TSSOP .

The SPDIF signal feed into a transformer which had been mentioned previously here: https://audiophilediyer.com/diy-ring-core-spdif-transformer                

The CS8416 need 2 separate 3.3V power supply. I choose AP1117 low drop out 3 pin regulator because I have a lot of them from m previous projects. 5 V had been feed onto this regulator and drop out voltage is 1.4V according to datasheet, I still have some small headroom for that 3.3V. the CS8416 had been configured into hardware mode so that I can use jumpers to set output format. SFSEL0 and SFSEL1 can be set to 24 bit left justified, I2S, right justified , or direct AES3 . I set it to 24 bit right justified format to match my R2R DAC.

the PDUR pin set phase detection to high , or normal. When it is on normal position, it detects SPDIF signal with a little bit more jitter allowed. When set to high, it provide less jitter but the SPDIF signal must be good enough or the signal will be interrupt by CS8416.

I still remembered my very first CS8416 project long time ago, I can’t get it to work and I found that the CS8516 reset pin 9 need to be delayed a little bit to hold after the power supply had been connected into the circuit until it goes under the threshold value and I use MCP130 for the reset circuit.

This is a simple small project and everything goes strait forward, I have several versions of gerber files and incase of any of you need the gerber file, please email me and I can send you a suitable version of PCB gerber file.

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